Exceptional Wedding Catering in Warwickshire

Are you looking for a wedding catering experience that will truly make your special day unforgettable?

Oh My Nosh Catering are wedding caterers in Warwickshire and are the perfect place to start. Like a beautiful bouquet of blooms, they will craft a customised menu tailored to your event theme, guests’ preferences, and budget.

With over 10 years of experience, their staff provides exceptional service and quality for any size event. Contact Oh My Nosh Catering today and they will help you plan the perfect wedding catering experience.

Menu Planning for Wedding Catering in Warwickshire

You can get a customised menu based on your guests’ tastes and dietary requirements, with a wide variety of options to suit any event or occasion.

Our wedding caterers in Warwickshire create flavorful dishes with fresh ingredients, from finger sandwiches to hot entrees and sides. We also provide buffet-style catering near you for your wedding lunch.

Our experienced chefs can customise packages for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and cocktail parties. We understand the importance of knowing the number of guests for detailed planning, and can accommodate events up to 200+.

We will create a memorable experience with our diverse menus and customised packages at affordable prices. Contact us for exceptional service and quality for your wedding catering needs.

Equipment Rental and Venue Selection

Sherrie and her staff offer a range of services to provide equipment and venue selection assistance for your event. They can provide a fully equipped fast food van, offering a variety of delicious options such as jacket potatoes, burgers, pork and stuffing rolls, and more. Additionally, they can assist in choosing a wedding venue in Bedworth, Warwickshire. They have a list of preferred venues that can be tailored to specific requirements.

No matter the occasion, Sherrie and her team have the expertise to ensure an unforgettable experience. They are organised, knowledgeable, and experienced in finding the perfect fit for any event. With their help, you can rest assured that your special day will be one to remember.

Wedding Day Lunches and Guest Handling

Let Sherrie and her team handle all of your wedding day lunch needs, from customization to guest handling to providing high-quality food and service. With a wide range of cuisine options to choose from, they can accommodate special dietary requests and work according to your preferences. They have the expertise and experience to handle large and small events with ease, and can cater in any location. The table below summarises the services they provide.

Memorable Experience and Booking Process

Create a memorable experience for your guests with Sherrie’s customised packages and easy booking process. With Sherrie’s expertise in menu planning and equipment rental, you can be sure that your wedding day lunch will be both delicious and unique.

She offers:

  1. Customised menu tailored to event theme, guests’ preferences, and budget
  2. Easy booking process through phone or online form
  3. Affordable pricing without profiteering

Sherrie also provides exceptional wedding catering services in Bedworth, Warwickshire, with the help of her staff. She’ll make sure your event is a success, no matter what size, and accommodate special dietary requests.

Book your wedding catering today and give your guests a truly memorable experience!

Why Choose Us and Contact Information

With positive feedback from customers, surprise elements, and quality service regardless of event size, you can trust Sherrie for your special occasion. You’ll get accommodation of special dietary requests, a wide range of cuisine options, and exceptional catering services in Bedworth, Warwickshire. Plus, you’ll get a customised menu tailored to your event theme, preferences, and budget.

Sherrie and her staff can help you create a memorable experience for your wedding. Get in touch with them via phone or contact form. You’ll be glad you chose them for your special day.


Do you have any questions about our wedding catering services in Bedworth? We’re here to help. Our experienced staff have the answers to any of your queries, from menu planning and options, to equipment rental and venue selection.

Here are some of the FAQs we often get asked:

1. What type of menu options can I choose from?

2. How much does it cost to rent a fast food van?

3. What’s the minimum headcount requirement for your events?

We offer a wide variety of menu options, from finger sandwiches to hot entrees and sides, tailored to your event’s theme, guest’s preferences and budget. Our equipment rental is priced based on requirements, venue distance, and staff needed. Lastly, we have a minimum headcount requirement of 10 people for our events.

Contact us today and let’s help you plan an unforgettable wedding day.


Let Oh My Nosh Catering make your wedding day unforgettable! With the help of their experienced staff, you can create a customised menu that’s sure to wow your guests.

From the delicious finger sandwiches to the mouth-watering sides, you’ll be blown away by the quality of their food and service. Don’t wait – contact Oh My Nosh Catering today and let them make your wedding a day you’ll never forget!

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