How to Organise Small Birthday Party Catering in Bedworth

Want to host a special birthday party for your little one without the fuss of preparing food for a crowd? Hiring a caterer for your small gathering takes the stress out of party planning.

If you’re looking for small birthday party catering in Bedworth, Nuneaton or Coventry, choose Oh My Nosh Catering. We provide delicious, custom menus perfect for small birthday events.

Use this guide to learn how to arrange professional yet affordable catering for your child’s birthday party in Bedworth.

Determine Your Guest Count

Start by making a guest list and get a firm headcount. Small birthday parties typically have 10-25 attendees.

Provide this number to potential caterers so they can price accordingly. An accurate count prevents over or under ordering food.

For a kid’s party, estimate about 15 guests – mainly family members and a few close friends. Adults usually have smaller gatherings of 10-15.

Set Your Catering Budget

With your headcount, establish a food and beverage budget. Catering costs depend on menu style and service format.

Simple platter menus or drop-off service fit smaller budgets. More elaborate buffets or full service costs more per person.

Oh My Nosh Catering provides birthday party packages in Bedworth starting at just £5.95 per guest. Work with us to create a menu matching your ideal budget.

Pick Out the Menu

Selecting the actual menu comes next. For kids’ birthdays, choose child-friendly foods like mini sandwiches, sausage rolls, pineapple and cheese sticks, mini pizzas, fairy cakes, crispy cakes, and juice cartons.

For adults, options like nibbles, tapas, or savoury platter menus work well. Include a variety of flavours and dietary needs.

Oh My Nosh designs custom menus perfect for any birthday celebration. Just provide any cuisine themes, favourite foods, or dietary restrictions.

Determine Needed Rentals

See if your caterer can provide serving necessities like platters, plates, utensils and napkins. If not, you may need to rent items separately.

For an at-home party, make sure you have adequate tables, chairs, and linens to display the catered foods.

Request Staffing if Desired

Some caterers have staff to handle serving the food, replenishing displays, and cleaning up. This adds convenience, especially for busy hosts.

If opting for drop-off service, the host handles all serving duties. Discuss options with your caterer.

Allow Time for Set Up/Clean Up

When reserving your party venue, make sure to leave 1-2 hours before the event for catering set up and 30-60 minutes afterward for clean up.

Communicate these needs to your venue contact to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Order a Birthday Cake!

What’s a birthday party without cake? Ask your caterer if they offer specialty cakes or desserts so you have one less thing to make.

Or simply order a sheet cake from the grocery. Just let the caterer know you’ll provide the cake separately. We offer delicious birthday cakes like the Nutella Ferrero Roche one below, so don’t hesitate to ask us!

Small birthday Party Catering Bedworth, ideal occassion for a Nutella Ferrero Roche cake

Send Final Counts 1-2 Weeks Before

Once RSVPs are in, give the caterer a final headcount. This allows them to order ingredients and prepare the proper quantities.

Oh My Nosh requests guest counts 1 week prior, but we have and do try to accommodate last minute additions if we’re notified in advance.

Enjoy the Party!

On party day, relax knowing your food is covered by Oh My Nosh Catering in Bedworth. Spend your time celebrating with the guest of honour without kitchen duty!

Follow these tips to arrange hassle-free catering for your next small birthday gathering. Contact Oh My Nosh to easily take catering off your party planning plate!

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